Residences, Parks and Gardens insurance
Building his own house is, for a man,
like to be born for a second time.
Roch Carrier

Because your house is a part of you, Patrim One has devised a large covering insurance in order to give you a perfect protection for your house and its contents.

On top and over traditional damage coverings offered by classical insurance contracts, many other hazards which can cause significant financial loss are also guarantied.

All the contents as a whole of your residence are also taken into account in order to be replaced as before.

Damages to your recreational facilities, to your parks and gardens, to your decorative ornaments, to statues and entrance gates, to your terraces and to whatever composes your property are also covered.

In case of an accident, we will be by your side in order to define the preservation/safeguard measures to be taken, to bring to your attention the best claim inspectors and best providers, see that you could restore, as soon as possible, the standing you enjoyed before the accident.

We also accompany your through our preventive and protective advice and our help to choose a qualified expert proceeding to the evaluation of your goods and properties.

Residences, Parks and Gardens  insurance

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