Assurances Bateaux, Yachts et Hélicoptères
A boat is a beauty and mystery
wherever it can be seen.
Harriet Beecher Stowe

In order to navigate serenely, Patrim One with its partners has developed a larger coverage and also accompanies you for your specific or occasional needs.

Rights waiver against a shipyard, “Atlantic Crossing“ extension to navigate in the Caribbean…

An extended Civil liability including flag obligations and, in particular, employer’s Civil Liability.

A body Insurance in the subscription formula “All risks with insurance exclusion of“ and inclusive for motors failure and “risks of war”.

An extended Legal Protection Insurance.

An Assistance / Repatriation Insurance.

An Individual Accident Insurance for passengers (not being screw members).

A social protection of screw members, including sickness, loss-time and death /disability.

A practice adapted to your needs: boating, boat races, charter…

Residences, Parks and Gardens  insurance

Works of art and jewellery insurance

Luxury vintage classic and sport cars insurance

Buildings and Offices insurance

Planes and helicopters

Vineyards and Wine cellars insurance

Horses and stud farms insurance

Personal insurance

Sportsmen insurance