Athletes’ insurance

Assurances des sportifs
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Patrim One Sport specializes in the design, management and distribution of insurance products exclusively designed for professional athletes.

A specialist in custom-designed coverage, Patrim One Sport uses its far-reaching experience to design policies that cover every type of risk associated with the athlete’s daily activities such as accidents, injuries and sickness while offering supplementary individual accident insurance.

Patrim One Sport also offers:

-Short-term disability coverage for athletes who suffer temporary illness or injury combined with a predetermined amount of daily benefits,
-Coverage of a loss of professional license or capacity that provides a predetermined capital amount in the event of a permanent and irreversible disability due to illness or injury,
-All-cause mortality coverage that provides a capital amount determined at the time of policy underwriting to the insured’s named beneficiaries.

To provide its professional athlete clientele with full-service protection, Patrim One Sport has developed a complete range of solutions backed by a network of sports and employment law, accounting and tax professionals.

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