Assurances des sportifs
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Patrim One Sport section is a broker especially qualified for conception, management and distribution of insurance products completely dedicated to professional sportsmen and meeting their requirements.

Specialized in custom made coverage, Patrim One Sport provides the benefits of all its expertise of the field in order to offer contracts dealing with risks of everyday life, accidents, injuries, diseases or to set up an Individual Accident Insurance, in addition to basic one if the athlete belongs to a club or an association.

Patrim One Sport also offers various insurances such as : Temporary disability to practice the profession compensated via previously defined daily allowance, loss of license or loss of profession applicable in case of total, permanent and irreversible stop of activity due to a disease or injury and compensated via previously defined capital, death “all causes”, assuring a capital defined at the moment of subscription, to the benefit of beneficiaries of the holder.

In order to bring an integral protection service to this clientele, Patrim One Sport has developed a wide program of offers thanks to its network of partners/experts of social law, lawyers of sports law, accounting and tax systems, who are able to meet various needs of a top level athlete.

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