Residential & commercial building insurance

Buildings and Offices  insurance
No man can perceive himself a man, except the if he possesses a piece of land he can call his own.
          Charles Dudley Warner

PatrimOne offers building owners support in implementing and managing a pragmatic and efficient insurance program.

We systematically conduct an in-depth technical analysis of every building we insure regardless of whether it houses offices, shops, apartments or any combination thereof, is of historic or recent construction, in full or co-ownership.

We also analyze owner or co-owner strategy to ensure we address all issues accordingly.

PatrimOne Immo is dedicated to serving property management professionals (management offices, administrators, etc.) and meets the needs and growing constraints of the residential and commercial building sector by providing coverage solutions for:
-Unpaid rent
-Legal protection
-Construction (Structural Damage, Contractor’s All Risk, etc.)
-Non-Occupant Owners for isolated lots (required by the French ALUR law), etc.

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