Works of art and jewellery insurance
Art is an extremely precious property.
Charles Baudelaire

Patrim One has devised specific insurance contract for works of art, silver and gold pieces of art, arms, watches and jewellery and, more globally speaking all collectable items.

Those contracts often come to complement the residential insurance coverage offers in order to respond to some particular situations, as e. g. when the owner lends a work of art for an exhibition, a trade show, for a restoration or even when a jewelly piece or a watch are worn no matter where you are.

Those occurrences illustrate how important it is to anticipate the situations in order to avoid any disappointment in case of an accident.

We also accompany your through our preventive and protective advice and our help to choose a qualified expert proceeding to the evaluation of your items and their preservation.

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Works of art and jewellery insurance

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