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Luxury vintage classic and sport cars insurance The horse-power is the man’s best friend
Vahé Godel

To accurately meet the specificities of all your motor vehicles, PatrimOne has developed insurance solutions specifically designed for prestigious, late model or classic vehicles as well for private motor vehicle fleets.

These solutions ensure civil liability, vehicle damage and individual accident coverage when using a race track for the purpose of pleasure.

If you own a classic or conventional race car, you may need insurance coverage while driving on a race track, in a rally or at a racing meet for anywhere from 24 hours to a full season.

RacingOne insurance solutions make it all possible providing coverage for competitors of VdeV events, the Roscar FFSA, the GT Tour, the FIA GT3 European championship, the Le Mans Series, 24-hour racing events, and many more).

Fire and property coverage is flexible and can include the total cost of vehicle replacement, as well as the adjustment of repair costs. We also offer a decrease in premium depending on the number of insured events.

PatrimOne can also provide specific individual accident coverage for the race car driver. This form of coverage is often excluded from the majority of insurance policies due to the high amount of risk at stake.

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