Luxury vintage classic and sport cars insurance The horse-power is the man’s best friend
Vahé Godel

In order to bring a perfect response to various specificities of your automobiles, Patrim One has devised dedicated offers, especially for prestigious, modern or classic vintage cars, along with private automobile fleets, all this at very competitive prices.

Those insurance contracts include also the maintaining of your insurance coverage, civil liability, damages and Individual accident, while the car is on a motor-racing circuit.

You own a modern racing car or a historical one and we have a solution to insure it for a day of use on a circuit, a rally, a racing meeting, or a complete season, through the insurance solutions set up by RacingOne totally dedicated to the domain of motor racing.

We insure cars in VDV, ROSCAR,GT TOUR, FIA GT3, LMS, 24 hours challenges ….

The coverage is flexible for any kinds of damages including those caused by fire, up to total vehicle loss, evaluation of the management of involved labor. We also offer a decreasing prime according to the number of covered events.

Patrim One can also offer a specific Individual Accident insurance for the pilot, which is usually excluded from the most of insurance contracts, because of the ‘risky” nature of this activity.

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