Vineyards and Wine cellars insurance
French people are so proud of their wine, they named many French cities after the names of Grand Cru vintage wines.
       Oscar Wilde

Because your wine collection also deserves particular attention, Patrim One has developed, especially for you, a custom made and “all risks” insurance solution including breakage.

We are insuring your wine, alcohols and spirits, bottled or in cask or barrels stored in your wine cellar at your indicated address up to stated amount. We also insure your wine cellar equipments/tools, including corks and labels.

In case of an accident, this offer gives you a compensation guaranty of your real losses. The amount of damage will be estimated according to the evaluation of wine expert/oenologist, in accordance with the cru’s rate on the day of the accident.

Patrim One brings you all needed preventive and protective advice and offers you an access to a specialized network of oenologists, vintners, experts in wine cellar building as well as in transactions in wine grooving market.

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