Our Partners

Insurance providers
Patrim One systematically selects the French and international insurance providers that meet your specific needs as accurately as possible. To achieve this, our firm makes full use of its privileged relationships thereby ensuring you receive durable and reliable protection if you should suffer a loss.
In this manner, Patrim One:

  • Selects French and international insurance companies with a solid financial standing.
  • Negotiates directly with these providers so that you may acquire the best conditions and prices available.
  • Provides a transparent view of the range of solutions available to you on the insurance market.
  • Gives you access to the quality and weight of its relationships with insurers.

Insurance professionals & business getters
Patrim One maintains trusted partnerships with several insurance professionals to meet any increase in your needs that may arise when implementing your insurance program. These include professionals specializing in areas such as the assessment of works of art, or in providing critical advice when covering physical, mechanical or electronic damages.
The firm has also developed services that cater to business getters for the past several years. Many of our partners seek to strengthen their service offerings thanks to our risk management activity. Patrim One consistently strives to select its business partners based on exacting high-quality criteria.