Patrim One has selected French and foreign insurance companies best suitable to respond to its specifications in order to perfectly fit your needs.

Patrim One has set up privileged relationship based on many years of confidence in order to present the most permanent solutions and sure reliability in case en compensation as well.

Patrim One also does the following :
Makes for you a selection of the most financially strong French and foreign insurance companies best suitable to meet your requirements.

Negotiates with them in order to give you best prices and conditions.

Brings you, in a truly transparent manner a perfect visibility of everything that it is possible to obtain on the French or foreign insurance market.
Puts you in a position to benefit from its importance and its relationship with insurance companies, in particular in case of an accident.

Patrim One has managed to surround itself with reliable partners in order to be able to meet your additional needs in connection with the set up of your insurance program.

It means experts in various fields, in particular works of art evaluation specialists or organizations able to offer recommendations in physical, mechanical or electronic protection fields.

Patrim One does its best to deal with companies sharing its values.

Every partner is selected according to the same set of requirements.

Our network is built on the basis of quality providers who can meet your requirements in the best possible way.

For many years, Patrim One has developed services dedicated to business getters. Many of our partners wish to reinforce their offers of our risk management.

This consideration explains why we set up various forms of collaboration taking into account everyone’s projects and respecting its organizational culture.