Contrary to standard general insurance offices, Patrim One, in its quality of first insurance brokerage private clientele dedicated company, brings its ever growing expertise which provides it with the unique opportunity to fulfill the following :

To give you a complete serenity and freedom from any hassles with insurance issues

To offer you the perfect reactivity you are entitled to expect by providing you with insurance companies delegations, based on strong and long lasting confident relationship

To provide you with custom made solution.

To insure the strictly confidential service.

By means of precise analysis of your risk exposures, we conceive the most performing solutions in a total compliance with the issue of complete confidentiality.

As a manager of your insurance contracts, we defend your interests in case of damage occurrence in order to insure that you get any due compensation as soon as possible.

Patrim One ’s extensive experience provides us with a unique method giving us the opportunity to let you free from any insurance problems hassle.