In our relationship with our clients lack of which would make the defense of their interests vain.

In insurance companies because we are very often in a position to act instead of them.

In our business partners or providers with whom we benefit from a perfect complementarity.

The word is everything and a written document is only its confirmation.

Our wish is : never to be in a position to be able to take back our words.

Patrim One has built its reputation on a strong professional deontology, backed up by each and every team member.

Joining our teams means accepting its values as if they were yours.

Its development, year after year, was only made possible with a responsible conduct and respect of its engagements.

Its implication in Croissance Plus and AFFO – French Association of Family Offices – is tangible mark of its engagement.

Serving families for a long time, we are paying attention to their interests’ protection in a transgenerational way.

Patrim One considers the values that concern families, as if they were its own. The bonds uniting its team members give a perfect illustration of this.

Any Patrim One ’s action is a long term deal, within a long term relationship essential to the protection of your interests.

Our wish is to build such a relationship that will last as long as possible.

Its capital structure, its open architecture model, its relationship with insurance world, manifests this wish for freedom.

Only independence gives us the possibility to get the benefits of our community of interests.