Our Values


In all our relationships with:
-Customers without which the defense of their interests would not be possible.
-Insurance providers who often provide us with the possibility of undertaking commitments on their behalf.
-Business partners and service providers with whom we work in perfect harmony.
Our goal is to provide you with complete serenity and freedom from administrative hassles. Our word is our bond. Our signature is simply evidence of this.

Toward everyone, serving family needs since the outset, protecting your interests from generation to generation. Patrim One upholds family-focused values.
Our team constantly strives to deliver on its service commitment while keeping with strict confidentiality guidelines.

The promise to:
-Provide the best possible insurance solutions, personalized to fit your specific requirements,-Offer efficient and sound risk management services backed by an enhanced market surveillance system.
Our position as a market leader requires us to constantly find ways of keeping ahead of tomorrow’s challenge of providing the best possible solutions to your growing needs for protection.

Patrim One insurance brokerage conducts all its business in the aim of developing long-term sustainable relationships indispensable to the protection of your interests. We seek to nurture long-term relationships with our customers enabling us to manage their risks as efficiently as possible.
Patrim One operates in a manner that complies with responsible business practices which is reflected in its commitment to supporting Croissance Plus, an organization that promotes growth and employment, and the French Family Office Association (AFFO).

Patrim One is an independent legal structure with no financial ties to any insurance carrier that guarantees the utmost protection of your interests. Its open-architecture model and the relations it keeps with key insurance players ensure its total independence.