Created in 2005 from the spin-off of Private Clientele department of Marsh France, Patrim One perpetuates the know-how of insurance brokerage initiated by the world leader of its field.

Proud of our strong heritage, we offer more that 30 years of dealing with the issues of risk management dedicated to families in order to protect them and their properties from life’s hazards.

In France, Patrim One was a founder of the approach of global offering in compliance with family offices’ concerns and this positioning makes it today’s leader of this market segment and explains why our company is given preference by many entrepreneurs, executives, chief administrators, foreign investors, artistic world personalities and exceptional properties’ owners.

Our company managed to impose the concept of private broker close to the families through an open architecture model allowing it to offer the benefit of the best internalized or externalized expertise in order to give the best answer to its customers’ needs.

Patrim One offers its customers a complete custom made offer for any insurance issues.

Patrim One’s specialization gives you the best chances to get a most performing solution for you complete insurance program.

As a part of insurance brokers’ well known world network Patrim One Insurance has its own offices and correspondents in many foreign countries to accompany you in the best way.

We equally take advantage of our presence and an international field of action in order to bring the answer to your mobility needs, your adviser being able to take into account local peculiarities.

We implement the unique and adapted solutions for each of our customers, we negotiate for them the best insurance conditions and pricing with insurance companies in order to bring a global approach for the management of all you risks , while being extremely attentive to any confidentiality issue.

Patrim One offers you custom made solutions, accompanying you on the international scene and assures you a proper compensation in case of an accident.

Your unique contact person helps you to make an inventory and to valorize the whole of your goods and properties with the assistance of claim inspector who is qualified and certified by insurance companies. He helps you to make a risk evaluation related to your activities, to your goods/properties, to your family and to quantify the potential financial loss.

On the basis of a precise specification list, your advisor will question the insurance market in order to obtain the best ratio price/quality.

He will offer you to make an audit and the reevaluation of your insurance program through a comparative study of placements on the insurance market, conceptualizing innovating set-ups, placements optimization by submitting to your attention a comparative of possible solutions.