Involved for many years in families’ service, the prominence of Patrim One Company is built on ever growing expertise and sharing of customers values.

Based on a highly confident relationship, its team stays totally mobilized.

Our leading position in insurance brokerage dedicated to the Private Clientele gives us the unique opportunity to think over and over again of possible issues in the future in order to provide you with totally independent responses to your growing needs of protection.

In our philosophy, the modern risk management should also include new technology related risks and image protection issues.

In 2005, Marsh France decided to spin-off its Private Clientele department and to sell it to its Manager Rémi Béguin with the back-up of 2 well known professionals Hubert Saltiel via HN6 ACTIVE and Philippe Carle.

They are our Strategic Committee.

Marc Pinoche Deputy Chief Executive steps in to reinforce the team.

Later on, Jérémy Garamond joins them at Board of directors, followed by Frédéric Hanriot who integrated RacingOne and brought his expertise in the field of motor racing insurances.

Hubert Saltiel - Président PatrimOne Assurances
Hubert Saltiel
Rémi Béguin - Directeur Général PatrimOne Assurances
Rémi Béguin
Philippe Carle - Administrateur PatrimOne Assurances
Philippe Carle